High-temperature unexplosive accelerometer

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Magnetoelectric velocity transducer
321V10: Degree of sensitivity 20mV/mm/s; Quantum 100mm/s; Frequency domain: 5Hz~1kHz;
322V10: D. C. supply; Moving type: The degree of sensitivity 8mV / m, the quantum: 1mm; Speed type: The degree of sensitivity 50mV/mm/s, the quantum: 10mm/s; Frequency domain: 0.5Hz~600Hz; Available 4~20mA exports;
272A20 high-temperature acceleration sensor
The degree of sensitivity: 20pC/g frequency domain: 1Hz is 6kHz operating temperature: -From 54 to 250
272A50D high temperature difference moves the acceleration sensor
The degree of sensitivity: 50pC/g frequency domain: 2Hz is 3kHz operating temperature: -From 54 to high-temperature acceleration sensor of customizable and 482 250
Acceleration sensor of waterproof sealed
173A100: 100mV/g, 1Hz 6kHz, - from 40 to 121
273A50: 50pC/g, 1Hz 6kHz, - from 54 to 250

Type: Piezoelectric acceleration transducer
Test method: Mechanical type
Machinery receives the principle: Friction type
The electromechanics varies the principle: Piezoelectric type


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