Silicon controlled rectifier triode thyristors of No. 8 (TRIAC-8C)

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The silicon controlled rectifier 8 No. PLC of triode thyristor enlarges the board:
Adopt and import ST triode thyristor to export original packagingly, can control 220V 10A resistance and perceptual load.
Have input and adopted the zero-triggered dedicated circuit of Motorola.
All electronic devices and components undergo the rigid control, guarantee quality.

The performance parameter is as follows:
1,The rated current of every way: 10A (for a long time) /16A (twinkling of an eye)
2,Use the voltage range: DC10 --36V
3,Control way: No. 8
4,Enter mode: DC12V-DC24V will do, quantity high level effective switch (or collecting electrode open a way)
5,Output the form: Pressure tight 600V, 16A triode thyristor is exported, can control 220V, and resistance load that 10A is perceptual, please don't add capacitive loads.
6,Switching frequency: Less than or equal to 100Hz
7,Control mode: Input/Output isolates the device to isolate through the specialized zero-triggered photoelectricity, protect the input equipment reliably.

Type: TRIAC-8C
Operating characteristic: Bidirectional thyrister (TRIAC)


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