Zhong Zhen ( 100MHZ2725T)

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Contacts: Mr. Li
Telephone: 86-755-61352200
Address: Feitian district strong North Road of China of China Guangdong Province Shenzhen spins mansion Block B 2001 deeply

It is agent, retail trader of of electronic devices and components that Shenzhen gathers scientific and technological Co., Ltd. of Germany. Been devoted to sale of the electronic devices and components, popularization work all the time for many years, and offer technical support, pluralistic distributor with as an organic whole cipher scheme to customer. The speciality of our company offers various specification frequency component, quartz crystal, the resonator, Shaker, electric-wave filter,etc..

It sells brands to be as follows,
NDK (Japan's electric wave) ,CITIZEN (Citizen) .
Offer the products in every frequency point with excellent characteristic:
1,Ordinary crystal oscillator Packaged Crystal Oscillator (PXO) Frequency: 8.000 ~~150.000MHZ
2,Voltage controlled crystal oscillator Voltge Controlled Cscillator (VCXO) Frequency: 2.000~780.000MHZ
3,Temperature compensated crystal oscillator Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) Frequency: 0.700~150.000MHZ

4,Thermostatically controlled crystal oscillator Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO) Frequency: 5.000~100.000MHZ
5,Voltage control - crystal oscillator of temprature compensation (VC-TCXO) The temperature compensated crystal oscillator is combined with the voltage controlled crystal oscillator
6,Voltage control - thermostatical crystal oscillator (VC-OCXO) The thermostatical crystal oscillator is combined with the voltage controlled crystal oscillator
Apply to fields such as wireless communication, car electron, bluetooth, PDA, PC, intercommunication telephone set, cordless phone, digital camera,etc..

Type: 100MHZ/2725T
Output: 50000PCS
Type: Crystal
Circuit structure: Crystal
Output waveform: Sine wave
Employ: Electronics industry
5032: 2725t

TAG:100MHZ, 2725T