NDK quartz crystal oscillating

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Small-scale surface mounted lamellar crystal resonator, the ungenerous size 3.2*2.5*0.55mm of very small-scale thickness
Heat-resisting vibration resistance is strong.
Electric wave Corporation NDK original packaging Jingzhen of Japan
Frequency domain 12mhz-60mhz fundamental wave Overtone three times of 40mhz-150mhz
Frequency variation 10PPM
Operating temperature range -40- 85
Load capacitor 8PF 9PF 12PF 16PF 20PF,etc..

The favourable site of factory of mansion 2610 of country of air route in Feitian district of Shenzhen of address: 5 Shenzhen Nanshan District beautiful sunshine industrialized country of the west
Jingzhen knowledge
Before 17 year, Jingzhen general magnitude can accomplish full-scale (20mm *12mm) Miniaturization has been a research and development direction of every large Jingzhen manufacturer all the time, so for many years, have never changed. Jingzhen miniaturization respect, no matter U.S.A., Europe, or China, behind it is in Japan that walk. Like all other components in the electronic product, products designer hope Shaker little to possess volume at the same time and the speed is faster always, and cheaper advantage. As to the thing that network and move application, terminal applied requirement approach the intersection of Shaker and limit of performance range, the constant gradual progress of the production technology is in the hope of keeping up with this requirement. Generally speaking, in the past 17 years, quartz crystal and crystal oscillator supplier have made sure to narrow the level at present of the size of quartz oscillator, crystal oscillator, VCXO and TCXO, this was once considered impossible and realized, especially on the premise of not reducing the characteristic or increasing the cost. The increasingly many quartz crystal device is assembled every year, the average price of the ripe products drops continuously.
This trade has make great efforts to already been succeed in the past 17 yearsed, and will continue developing. This includes innovating, miniaturization, cost reduction, new application and development, and the improvements of characteristic, ease of use and stability. All these are in order to keep it in electron trade " The clock solution " Position. Its driving force preferably offers the characteristic and the most high quartz solution of cost performance, thus make consumers have no reason to be chosen other technology.


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