Unexplosive sensor of the cantilever beam (SBS)

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Application: Platform balance, canned balance, stiring standing, belt balance and batching scale,etc.
Function characteristic: The cantilever is beam type
Authorize through unexplosive
Become rusty steel material while being high-quality
The whole seal soldering
It is simple and convenient, fast, stable and reliable to install

Nanjing force-transmitting ( Chinese of Qingdao is majestic to weigh system engineering Co., Ltd. of dynamometry) Specialize in the operation of various weighing force cells, weigh the dynamometry display instrument, weigh several dozen series such as dynamometry control device, industrial weigher, industry balance, wireless dynamometry control system,etc., several hundred varieties, contain various precision, quantum.

Type: SBS
Specification: 250kg ---10t
Output: 999
Trade mark: Force-transmitting

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