Ammeter specialized circuit breaker prepaid fee of IC card

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Appearance and small-scale circuit breaker (MCB) of this circuit breaker Basically similar,
The intersection of installation and size and installing the perfect agreement of the way, so that users and small-scale and broken
Corollary use of the router.
( 1) Use and applicable scope of the products
This circuit breaker is suitable for exchanging 50 Hz, rated operational voltage three phases
Do lighting, distributing line and apparatus in the circuits of 400 V and single-phase 230 V
Over load, short circuit protection,not last remote control or accuse of automatic signal
Make breaking, such as with the prepaid fee electric energy meter corollary use of IC card, control
Make-and-break of the circuit.
( 2) Nominal operating condition and installation conditions of the products
Through considering synthetically, working condition and installation conditions of the circuit breaker are simple
Sum up as follows.
1)Air temperature around. The upper value of air temperature around does not exceed 40 ,
Its mean value does not exceed 35 in 24h, lower limit is not lower than - 5 .
2)Above sea level. The elevation requirement of the installation site can't exceed
2 km.
3)Atmospheric condition. The relative humidity of air of the installation site is around the most
The high temperature, for not exceeding 50% at 40 , can have at the lower temperature
Higher relative humidity, are for example up to 90% at 20 . To because of the temperature
The change produces the condensation in the surface of the goods in process once in a while, must take the corresponding measure.
4)The foreign field of the erection site, should not exceed the earth magnetism in any direction
5 times of the field.
5)The circuit breaker is generally in conformity with erection, in order to power on up the hand grip
6)Have not waved and assaulted the vibrating place notably.
7)Install the classification and install the classification as IIIs.
8)Class of pollution 3.

Pack: Carton
Type: SG-100H
Trade mark: SOGO