Intelligent differential pressure transmitter

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The JT1151/3351DP type intelligent differential pressure transmitter is used for measuring liquid, gas or steaming liquid level, density and pressure, then change it into 4- 20mA DC signal and export. The intersection of JT1151/3351DP and intelligent differential pressure transmitter but and the intersection of HART and getting hand operated mutual communication, presume through it, control or make up the on-the-spot monitor system with the upper computer. The intelligent differential pressure transmitter of JT1151/3351DP on-the-spot variable type is our company, according to the new product demanded to develop live, can break away from hand operatedly ing device, realize on-the-spot zero adjust, configuration,etc. are operated through the key set way.
1.Characteristic specification
(The check-up range of the zero reference, under the reference condition, the silicone oil is charged up, 316 L stainless steel isolates the diaphragm. )
1.1. Consult the precision
1.1.1. The figure, intelligence:


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