Proximity switch of the whole metallic packaging

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Contacts: Mr. Liao QingSong Sales manager
Telephone: 86-755-81491789
Mobile Phone: 86-15013837855
Address: Industrial area of the west of loose sentry town pool very beginning of Guangdong Province Shenzhen Baoan district of China

All products of the company are while absorbing, merging domestic and foreign advanced science and technology constantly, consult the international standard to research and develop and produce, basically reaches the American-European like product technical standard in China strictly, it is all right to use with OMRON, SUNX, KEYENCE, BALLUFF, SICK when like product GE or interconversion of the company.

We insist on regarding scientific and technological progress as the guide all the time, inheriting" the quality first, customer the highest " It is a aim. Improving oneself in developing constantly, meet various demands of the customer's with up-to-the-minute technology, preferably quality, the best service.

Pack: Packaging of carton
Type: Various types
Specification: Various specifications
Output: 10000
Trade mark: Machine pupil

TAG:Various types of, the machine pupil

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