Sweeping the floor device ( MFSM14RX MFSM24RX) magnetically

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Get to know longeval magnetically sweeping the floor device serial products, release and shake hands flexibly to exchange Laszo, if want to release, can push the sweeping the floor device to making the place and release and shake hands to draw up up.

MFSM14RX (can be released) : Clean 14 inches of width, whole length is 15.125 inches, wheel diameter is 6 inches, the total length of hand grip is 41 inches, 20.5 pounds of suctions

MFSM24RX (can be released) : Clean 24 inches of width, whole length is 30.25 inches, wheel diameter is 6.0 inches, 41.0 pounds of suctions

NMF0105, NMF0105B (can be released) : Clean 13 inches of width, hand grip is adjustable 27-40 inches, 1.5 pounds of suctions

NMF0107 (can be released) : Clean 18 inches of width, wheel diameter is 7 inches, hand grip is adjustable 25-40 inches, clean height of 1.5 inches, 30 pounds of suctions

07263 (can't release) : Whole length is 14.5 inches, 1.8 pounds of suctions

07265 (can't release) : Whole length is 27 inches, 4.1 pounds of suctions

NMF0106 (can't be released) : Clean 12.5 of length, hand grip front end design can 180 degrees change (Singapore) .

Output: 50000
Trade mark: NM