Hall's voltage transducer

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The type of Hall's voltage transducer: JLBV-13/10V is 500V product introduction operating principle: A magnetic flux magnetism of closed loop is balance type, the direct input products use of the voltage: Used for measuring direct current. Exchange. Any undulate voltage products advantage of pulse voltage and other devices: Precision high, linear scale fine, react fast, float at low temperature, frequency bandwidth, antijamming capability better product employed: Frequency change speed regulating system, arc welding generator, electrochemistry, the power is controlled, electric locomotive, install the way in NC machine tool performance parameter: Standard guide level screw retention primary side rated current: 10V; 50V; 100V; 200V; 300V; 400V; The primary side measurement limit of 500V Hall's voltage transducer: 15V; 60V; 120V; 240V; 360V; 480V; 600V nominal output: 5V; 20mA; 25mA; Users appoint the accessory power supply: DC 12V, DC 15V load capacity: The voltage output is greater than or equal to 10k; Tap: 6V linear scale: 0.2% of the accuracy grade: 0.5%; 1.0% isolate the withstand voltage: 3kV/50Hz, 1Min zero output: Less than or equal to 0.15mA temperature drift: Less than or equal to 100PPM / one of frequency bandwidth: DC 100KHzdi/dt follows: >50A/uS consuming current: 10mA output current Hall's voltage transducer response time: <40uS????:-10?~ 70?????:-25?~ 85?????????????

Pack: Carton
Type: JLBV-13
Specification: Jlbv-13
Trade mark: Precise quantity

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