Electrical relay (CRV-P8N)

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The heavy current power supervisors of No. 8 are mainly matched and accused of using in various, carry on the control over various apparatus power, act as the bearing.

1.Hand control: Unless just in the front on it is at machine, be lasted Toggle switched,under contingency can switches of control relay manual, in in accuse of can have used by function, getting finer very protection apparatuses miscellaneous on this at not breaking down.
2.IO control: There is interface of 8 IOs inside the machine, can use too on condition that accuse of in not having, the use is wider.
3.The agreement is compatible: At present on the market with accuse of the network protocol in the a wider one compatibility.
4.ID choose: Revolutionary ID switches over and sets up the network ID identity code
5.Electrical relay has the binding posts of three connecting points on every way, have normally open and normally closed functions.

Type: CRV-P8N


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