Signal relay (HY4100F-DC12V)

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Shenzhen happy abundant Electronics Co., Ltd. establish on 2002, development for many years, explore the business of the electronic devices and components actively, has already become the famous professional electronic devices and components integration supplier in the industry, already had a large amount of fixed customer support now.
Company's positive complete product structure, have established partnership relation with many electronic devices and components manufacturers. The company, according to good goodwill, abundant experience, dominant price, optimal service and having strong commercial networks, we can become every large producer and the best sale assistant's company of the trade company. The company is especially good at leaning towards the supplying from stock of the electrical relay of dark horse.

The products that the company mainly sells are as follows, at present
Electrical relays: NAIS (Panasonic) OMRON (Omron) TAKAMISAWA (the pool of brilliant idea) TYCO (Thai department) OEG (Wang Li) SONGCHUAN (loose Sichuan) TAIMING is (safe and bright)
Power supply filter: TDK DETAL (the platform is reached) HUGETON (the rich of favor) AMPOE (fit the cypress)
Relay socket: The producer sells all kinds of relay sockets directly to households, the wholesale price is excellent.
Test the hook: The producer sells various designs directly to households, the test hooks of different colors, the wholesale price is excellent.
The products that the company sells are used mainly in: Enterprises such as the military enterprise of the national defence, communication trade, railway, safety protection, traffic control system, car electron, switching power supply, instrument,etc..

The company regards product quality as the foundation which sets up the body of the company all the time, we are deeply convinced success of enterprises come from the remarkable quality of the products, come from the customer's trust and support. Our company in line with " Look for the truth and be practical " Offering overall thoughtfully services to customer,is it save by cost customer, consistent support that the level of helping the customer to create the profit thanks for the masses of customers! " self-confident, fast, hearty, make all-out efforts " It is our common commitment and spirit.
Looks forward to the cooperation with you sincerely, thanks.

Type: HY4100F-DC12V
Output: 1000000
Contact form: Conversion
Contact load: Weak power
According to action principle: Direct current
Operation circuit: Controlling circuit of undervoltage
Protect the characteristic: Plastic sealing
Physical dimension: Small-scale
Use: Communication


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