Lithium cell fender of 13 bunches of motive force

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About function:
It has good heat radiation that the aluminium enclosure is capsulated, the insulating glue is sealed waterproofly and resisting shock.
Balanced control function of high precision, can equipoise battery voltage in the intersection of 4.2V and the intersection of error and minima ( charger, battery when being good) .
There is circuit break that protects the function, avoid because a certain battery and this battery after the circuit break of the fender are served as the bad possibility (besides B - end) .
While discharging proportionally in order to discharge for 30 seconds, stop the way for 2 seconds to circulate and go on.
The fenders and connection of the batteries all adopt the connector, it is convenient to connect.
Discharge voltage, excess current guard time can be adjusted.
The consumption to each battery of the fender is unanimous.

Electric property:
First, charge and protect the function ' That the monomeric battery tests serves as the standard)
1,Charge the Up: 4.25V
2,Charge and protect the recovery voltage: 4.1V
3,The delay time of overcharge: 1S
4,Charge and begin the voltage proportionally: 4.2V
5,Charge the balanced final voltage: 4.2V
6,Charge the balanced electric current: 70mA (all right on-demand is customized)
Second, discharge and protect the function ' That the monomeric battery tests serves as the standard)
1,Discharge Up: 2.5V
2,Discharge and protect the recovery voltage: 3.0V
3,Discharge and sustain the working current: 25A
4,The voltage protection delay time of overdischarge: 1S is (adjustable)
4,Overcurrent protection: 28A is (adjustable)
5,Overcurrent protection delay time 20ms ( Adjustable)
6,Short out for guard time: Smaller than 300us (disconnect and support, self-recovery)
Third, other functions
1,The circuit break is protected: Besides B - end, arbitrary while disconnecting with the lunk of the battery, the charging state or discharge condition is stopped
2,0V charges: Yes
3,Consumption: Consumption of the fender <20uA
4,Physical dimension: 70 mm* 50 mm* 10mm
5,Charge and discharge in the interface: B -, P -, Line two connects and fills the discharge end, the positive pole of BP direct-connected battery
6,Measure the interface of end: Export 11( 14) The line interface is to the group connection of the battery
7,Work environment: Operating temperature - 40 is 85 . Waterproof and resisting shock
6,The temperature is protected: All right on-demand is customized while needing

Function Project Parameter Precision
The battery wraps up Battery material Ternary, manganese lithium
Working voltage (V) 48
Connect the battery number in series 13
Lasting working current (A) 25
Overcharged voltage is protected Overcharged Up (V) 4.25

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