Cosmetic instrument fittings

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Address: China Shandong Linyi market No. 37 Xinhua Lu

Our company supplies various cosmetic instrument fittings in batches, is mainly divided into laser and photon two big classes, the laser includes: 200mj laser gun, 500mj laser gun, laser pulse xenon lamp, red / green shaven head, KTP crystal, cr4 : Yag crystal, nd: Yag is excellent, waits for various fittings, and can offer breakdown maintenance of different cosmetic instruments service.
The photon includes the pulse xenon lamp, the photon rifle, light guiding crystal, fittings such as filter plate, the laser light protective goggle,etc., and maintainable photon rifle / trouble service of the complete machine.
We are genuine manufacturers, fine craftsmanship, the price is cheap, sincerity is managed, welcome the masses of customers to get in touch.

Type: Cosmetic instrument
Specification: Fittings
Trade mark: Beautiful
Cosmetic instrument: Various fittings

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