Air pressure probe ( 631)

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Address: The industrialized country of China is fitted in Baoan district of China Guangdong Province Shenzhen

The description of products:
Model 631 concrete requirement for ASIC while combining MEMS technology and customer to employ in the design, it is especially designed for harsh car application. Under harsh environments such as extreme temperature, Gao Qiang's shaking, hyperpyrexia, mechanical impact and corrosivity chemicals,etc., Model 631 can work normally too.

Leading particulars:
High precision, wide range
Extremely high temperature characteristic
Exquisite stainless steel integrated structure
MEMS technology, the linear digital compensation of the whole temperature
Many kinds of precision 1%FS
Many kinds of signals export 1: 0.5-4.5V, 2: 1-5V, 3: 0-5V, 4: 4-20mA

Measure mediums: Liquid, gas,etc., to 304 stainless steel not corrosive mediums
Pressure type: Gauge pressure or pressing definitely
Measurement limit: 0- 0.1MPa

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