PT124 high-temperature melt pressure capsule

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The mountain is like the electron high-temperature melt pressure capsule / transducer PT124/124B; Characteristic: Rigid pole, the hose is isolated, isolation structure of the diaphragm, antisepticizing wear-resisting, good stability and precision; With similar to import high-temperature the intersection of melt and the intersection of pressure capsule and products such as the intersection of Dynisco GefranDingli and interconversion, use. In finding production line, melt pressure capsule is raising and melting physique quantity, safety and protection fabrication facilities,etc. of improving production respect is playing an important role.
High-temperature melt pressure capsule / transducer PT124/PT124B; Apply to rubbery machinery, the plastics are pushed out of measurement and control of the high-temperature melt pressure of high-temperature melt extruders such as machinery,etc..

Main technical parameter:
Full-length: Straight bar long 152cm, flexible conduit long 460cm;
Quantum: 0-5-200MPa;
Combined precision: 0.2%FS, 0.5%FS, 1%FS;
Outcoming signal: 1.5mV/V, 2mV/V, 3.33mV/V;
Support the bridge voltage: 10VDC;
The diaphragm is refractory: 450 ;
Electrically connected: The five-core inserts the piece 5 pin;
Procedural attachment: M14* 1.5, M22* 1.5, M18*1.5, M12*1.5, 1/2-20UNF.
There are the high-temperature melt pressure transmitter outcoming signals ' 0 --10V, 0 --5V) Three wire system; ( 4 --20mA, 0 --20mA) Two wiring systems are with the free, service voltage: 24VDC automaticallies control with PLC connectionist implementation directly.

Type: PT124
Trade mark: The mountain is alike
Use: Industrial
Material: Piezoelectric material
Type: Meeting an emergency type
Installing hole: M14

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