Dry voltage transformer Temp.-controlling appearance (BWD-3K130)

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First, summary

The BWD-3K130 series Temp.-controlling appearance is a warm control device of multi-functional computer of new generation designed for reliability service of the air-cooled dry electric voltage transformer. Make use of pre-buried China PT100 platinum resistance thermometer sensor three in the dry electric voltage transformer three phase winding coil to measure Wen Sheng of the dry electric voltage transformer coil, and call the police until the ultra-temperature trips in order to guarantee the safe operation of the dry electric voltage transformer according to the on-off, overtemperature of the automatically controlled cooling blower of temperature rise. Because adopt the most advanced Germany RISC single-chip computer at present and combine advanced I2C and store and adjust technology, designed in JB/T7631 standard, it is simple in construction to make the thermostat have, it is reliable to run, characteristic with extremely strong antijamming capability. There are the thermostats at the same time" The black box " The function, temperature and local working condition of three coil coils before can record the black out.

Second, main technical parameter

1,Service conditions

Ambient temperature: -10 - 55

Relative temperature: 5- 95%

Atmospheric pressure: 60- 160Kpa

Working voltage: AC170- AC250V( 48- 60Hz)

2,Measurement limit: -30.0- 200

3,Definition: 0.1

4,Survey accuracy:

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