Breadboard (FR-4 FR-1 CM-1)

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Contacts: Mr. Wang DaiQuan Shanghai sells
Telephone: 86-21-68979151
Fax: 86-21-64902109
Mobile Phone: 86-13817903776
Address: Shanghai Wenzhou of China

The market special Electronics Co., Ltd. of Sichuan of Wenzhou has market of Wenzhou to insult two constituent companies of the electron and special electric plating Co., Ltd. of Sichuan of Wenzhou permanently. The company has more than 3500 square meters of modernized standard factory building, the staff are more than 200. The company has been inheriting all the time " best in quality while the management during these years develops, serve the first " Principle about service.

Our company mainly produces and sells the single-layer, the double layers, printed-circuit board, products are applied to computer, mobile phone, communication articles, electronic consumables, household electrical appliance etc. extensively, step it in p-c boards such as foot IT, network equipment, car electron and Aero-Space,etc. even more in recent years. The company inherits " Science and technology sets up one's own business " Management theory,development new product on it is constant,innovative technology, it is break out on fierce market competition not to last it.

It is the specially electronic eternal faith in Sichuan by building brilliance sincerely together, together, keeping one's word and winning together with the customer sincerely. We can be in order to create the wealth for the customer, make the customer have the brilliant future to feel more honor, also the special people in Sichuan serve the society, it is the source which the society is contributing constantly.

Type: FR-4 FR-1 CM-1
Output: 10000000 per year


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