Rotary encoder ( OVW2)

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Our company is the specialized production and agent's low-voltage apparatus of Taiwan investment, the apparatus of conductor arrangement, the enterprises of the industry control component, and offer reseach of integrated products to the electromechanics, develop and form a complete set. The staples is as follows:

1: Low-voltage apparatus:
The weather in Taiwan has the mountains and rivers AP sea and sets up one ounce of forest complete series of products of platform
The intersection of Mitsubishi and product, Miller of Der, Wei, OMRON of spring,
(the microswitch multi-layer warning light foot push airbreak switch circuit breaker AC contactor connecting terminal of limit switch of pilot lamp of button switch)

2: Sensor:
SICK/ OPTEX SUNX Tuerk and Otto Knicks IFM
Open and accuse of NEMICON Coder in male genital's bright photoelectric proximity switch densely

3: Control component:
Taiwan reaches the products bright big switching power supply of PLC touch-sensitive screen,etc. of the frequency conversion device
All should turn on or off in the bin level of liquid level

4: Spread the movable property product:
Translate products speed-reduction motors such as the east yuan,etc. in the north of city state of Taiwan
ABBA HIWIN PMI straight line rack ball screw

The above-mentioned materials would like to ask your company to consult, welcome to ask for the detailed catalogue, sincere hope and your company of our company carry on the cooperation on the business. Look at the chance that your company can try. !

Type: OVW2
The mode of motion: Displacement of straight line


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