Form (congeal) Reveal the sensor (HDP-07)

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The hdp-07 series moisture condensation sensor is to measure or predict pneumatic moisture condensation through the autogenous resistance value change, originally moisture condensation ' Condensation) Sensor straight the intersection of characteristic and the intersection of on-off-type and component, but to high and wet and sensitive only to the low and damp insensitivity. It have volume to be small and exquisite, good stability, react fast, precision and linear kind characteristic.

Service voltage: Maximum 0.8VDC
Operating temperature: 0 - 60
Working humidity: 0- 100% RH
The resistance value change within the range of 75% RH- 100% RH: 1K Europe - 100K Europe
Most suitable for the occasion needing to control high humidity, moisture condensation

Output: 100000


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