Strong chuck of permanent magnetism

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The characteristic of the products: The superstrong chuck structure of permanent magnetism is unique, the magnetic pole distribution is even, the mutual vertical distribution of flux, work piece force succeed, interweave form is even equal, as machining center, the heavy cutting of the milling machine, can raise machining accuracy and efficiency effectively, suit to the work piece of thin type even more. The superstrong chuck of permanent magnetism adopts the high-energy rare earth permanent magnetism, its magnetic force held is permanent, accord with security and requirement for environment protection, cause safety factor and magnetic hot deformation because of deenergization. This chuck is easy to operate, swift, can shorten more than 70% - 80% auxiliary times after adopting this chuck on the machining center, the modular design of the products can be made up and used in order to meet the requirement of the different size work piece.

Suitable for: The processing, processing, mould of sheet metal work piece of the high-accuracy work piece are processed

Apply to extensively: High-accuracy, high-speed machining center; Machining center; Strong numerical control milling machine.

Item Model: PMSC-2025, PMSC-2040S, PMSC-2525, PMSC-3030, PMSC-3535, PMSC-3060, PMSC-4040, PMSC-4050, PMSC-4080, PMSC-40100, PMSC-5050, PMSC-50100.

Type: PMSC
Specification: 4040
Use: Jack-up


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