Sensor of the punch press

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Suitable for the hydraulic pressure machine of high performance, film presser, shearing board machine, bender, moulding plastics machine, industrial manipulator, packaging facility, production line, electrical home appliances manufacturing industry, stereoscopic garage and other automation equipment, it also can be used for polyhedral area protection or guard against theft.
Highly(mm) Type The light beam is counted Mere distance between shafts (mm) Appearance height (mm) Protect the length (mm) Matching type of the tonnage of the punch press
100 ZC-A 0620 6 20 160 3000 10T and following
160 ZC-A 0920 9 20 220 3000 16T- 25T
240 ZC-A 1320 13 20 300 3000 30T- 63T
300 ZC-A 1620 16 20 360 4000 85T- 125T
380 ZC-A 2020 20 20 440 4000 150T- 200T
520 ZC-A 2720 27 20 580 5000 200Above T
660 ZC-A 3420 34 20 720 5000

Accord with the national GB4584-2007 safety standard; Accord with the international electrician and learn IEC61496-1/2 safe classification standard;
Adopt the mature synchronous infrared trace of technology, excellent optical property and divergence angle of 2.5 degrees, easy to aim at and safeguard;
The appearance is small and exquisite, adopt the cast alloy outer cover of aluminium, very firm, light and handy;
Many kinds of specification definition of 10/20/40/80mm;
Protection height 50mm --2300mm;
Electrically connected. 5 stitches of M12 connect;
SMD tag is designed, many kinds of anti-knock characteristic measures, the anti-knock characteristic is good, stability is high;
Original packaging normal product electronic element, the characteristic is steady, have long performance life;
Response time is too short to greater than 20MS;
The protective circuit security self test of dual loop is designed;
The relative elevation of the sexual valence, free 24 months of guarantee period;
It can be used for the area protection of long distance, and is used in the protection of the polyhedral area;

Detection range: 0-10M
Power consumption: Smaller than 8W
Response time: Under 15MS
Security class: Accord with the safety standard of International Electrotechnical Commission IEC61496-1/2
Output the form: NPN, PNP, electrical relay export
Electric current: 100MA 1A
Short circuit protection: NPN, PNP, electrical relay have short circuit protection when being exported
Pilot lamp: The danger light of the projector is bright, connection to electrical supply
Receiver: The danger light is bright, connection to electrical supply
Protection grade: I P 65
Structural outer cover: Aluminum alloy end cap: ASC engineering plastics support: Cold rolling steel sheet
The environment for use: Humidity -10- 55 (can't pay attention to moisture condensation, frozen)
Temperature: 15-85%
Light resistance: Sunlight: 10000LX incandescent lamp: 3000LX
Antivibration: Frequency: 10-55HZ amplitude: It takes 0.75MM, 2 hours for every direction in X, Y, Z
Impact-resistance: It takes acceleration 300M/S, 2 hours in X, Y, Z direction
Store the environment: Humidity -25- 70 (can't pay attention to moisture condensation, frozen)
Temperature: 15-95%

Pack: Standard
Type: zc-ab
Specification: 06-36
Trade mark: TINBOB


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