High-pressure frequency converter specialized capacitor

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( 1) Structure: Series CBB81 regard polypropylene film as the medium, metal vacuum evaporated layer and aluminium foil are electrodes, use the epoxy resin envelopment of inflaming retarding, regard tin plating copper weld wire or copper wire as the pin, regular long foot 20mm, concrete foot can increase or cut short according to customer's request while being long.
( 2) Application area: Suitable for high pulse and high-current circuit. For instance: Display unit and colour display screen line flyback circuit, electronic ballast, electricity-saving lamp.
( 3) Characteristic: There is good autogenous healing, low loss. Able to bear high pulse intensity, high reliability. The structure of inner series connection, voltage great.
( 4) Technical parameter:
Climatic condition: -40- 85 / 110
Nominal voltage: 1250VDC, 1600VDC, 2000VDC, 2500VDC, 3000VDC
Range of capacity: 0.00022uF- 0.22uF
Capacity tolerance: G ( 2%) ,J ( 5%) ,K ( 10%)
Withstand voltage DC: 2.0U( 5S)
Loss tangent: Less than or equal to 0.001 (10KHz, 20 )
Insulation resistance: Greater than or equal to 30000M (C is less than or equal to 0.1uF) ; Greater than or equal to 3000S (M uF) ( C> 0.1 uF)
( 5) Adopt the standard
GB10188, IEC60384-13

Pack: Different on the basis of specification
Type: CBB81
Specification: 1250vdc/1600vdc/3000vdc
Trade mark: SR
Type: Medium padder of the membrane
The manner of packing: Fixed foot
Membrane kind: Polypropylene film
Line terminal way: Direct current
Non-conductor: Polypropylene film