Shenzhen PCB( TJA0006)

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Address: Good industrialized country A2 one is fitted in the sand drain republicanism of Guangdong Province Shenzhen Baoan district of China

Our company mainly produces aluminium base plate and multi-layer breadboard, aluminium base plate is the longest can accomplish 1.5 meters, minimum aperture 0.2MM, minimum line thickness / measured line spacing 0.075MM of multilayer board, can accept a series of advanced PCB such as the characteristic impedance board, half an aperture plates, blind aperture plates to produce!

Pack: Vacuum
Type: TJA0006
Specification: 125*100
Output: 200 square meters per month
Trade mark: TJ
Inflaming retarding characteristic: V0
Type: Rigid breadboard
Material: Glass fibre epoxy resin
Dielectric layer: FR-4