Electric capacity of specialized high-pressure tag of the power of communication

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Taiwan (CCT) It is a professional high-pressure packed ceramic electric capacity (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor) that Chen is far scientific and technological Monolithic electric capacity. Tag varistor (MLCV) Factory,our company is establish at the 89th year of the Republic of China December, at present volumes sauced is for new Taiwan dollar of 440 million yuan, exactly, the factory lies in front of Kaohsiung in the town and processes exporting area and continental Dongguan, our company develops in the packed pottery of medium-high voltage (Size with all strength since establish: 0603-2225.Voltage: 6.3V-5KV) . Fit the high-pressure packed pottery of rule (X1/Y2 NP0 X7R, X2/Y3 NP0 X7R) ,Arrange and hold ( Size 0805, 1206) Tag varistor ( 0402-1812)And low electric capacity of capacitance value, our company so as to own (CCT) at present The brand is on sale throughout the whole world.

The products are used in the module power, liquid crystal display inverter high-pressure board the power extensively, LED capacitance-resistance steps down, ( INVERTER) Inverter, car xenon lamp (HID electronic stabilizer) , the Ethernet interface of ASDL pronunciation separator, RJ45, blinkers, LED Christmas tree lamp lamp strings of the digital camera. In products such as electricity-saving lamp and high-frequency electrodeless lamp, the electronic ballast,etc.; There is broad application prospect in fields such as cellular telephone, PDA, MP3, MP4 and computer mother board,etc. in the tag varistor MLCV products.

Our company has been adhering to four following points all the time to provide service to our customer
( 1) Preferably give to the customer and the competitive price.
( 2) Control the quality of the products in a strictest way
( 3) Resilient to hand in one.
( 4) Preferably QoS and specialized one become working crew.

Pack: Braid
Trade mark: CCT
Type: High-frequency ceramic dielectric capacitor
Use the voltage: Medium voltage
Temperature coefficient: Negative temperature coefficient
Dielectric constant: High dielectric constant