BUSSMANN fuse - series FWP

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Our company is mainly BUSSMANN, BOURNS; LITTELFUSE, RAYCHEM commission agent; The main safety fuse agent sells the following products: BUSSMANN fuse ( Safety fuse) ,Bourns safety fuse, Bourns self-healing safety fuse, LITTELFUSE safety fuse, tag safety fuse, microfuze, resistance type safety fuse / PICOII (finish high type) ,The safety fuse of plug, the safety fuse of the cast, self-healing safety fuse, BS1362 safety fuse, high-low voltage fuse, the safety fuse switch of the temperature, ESD static protector,etc..

Its main acting brand is as follows, Littelfuse (the series of special safety fuse 466 of strength, series 429, series 451, series 452, series 467, series 468, series 257, series 297,etc.) , Bussmann (BS88: FM, ET, MT, LET, LCT, LMT, MMT, FMM, FEE. Serial fast acting fuses such as circular pipe; KTK, KTK-R, JJN, JJS, LP-CC, FNQ, FNQ-R, LPJ-SP, JKS, KRP-C-SP, LPN-RK-SP, LPS-RK-SP, KTN-R, serial fuses or safety fuses and related fuse holders) such as KTS-R, FRN-R, RRS-R, NON, NOS, KRP-CL, KTU, KLU, NH, IEC industrial colume type ,BOURNS tag self-healing safety fuse (PPTC) 1812SMD, 1206SMD, 0805SMD.

Tag ESD static protection 0603ESDA, 0402ESDA, PGB001 0603. Raychem (Ritche chats about) And BOURNS tag self-healing protects silks, MF-MSMF( 1812) , Series and MF-NSNF( 1206) , Series: MF-MSMF010-2, MF-MSMF014-2, MF-MSMF020-2, MF-MSMF030-2, MF-MSMF050-2, MF-MSMF075-2, MF-MSMF075/ 24, MF-MSMF110-2, MF-MSMF110/ 16, MF-MSMF125-2, MF-MSMF150-2, MF-MSMF160-2, MF-MSMF200-2, MF-MSMF250-2, MF-MSMF260-2, MF-NSMF012-2, MF-NSMF020-2, MF-NSMF035-2, MF-NSMF050-2, MF-NSMF075-2, MF-NSMF110-2, MF-NSMF150-2.

Type: FWP(20A22F-100A22F) ,
Specification: Series FWP
Output: No. 100000 Branch
Trade mark: BUSSMANN
Type: Pasting type