Albronze electromagnetic stirring crystallizer

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The principle of crystalline electromagnetic stirrer is to utilize electric current to produce the strong change magnetic field, penetrate multidielectric separation, make the metal melt within the continuous casting billet flow, achieve and improve and cast purposes such as base internal, composition distribution, melt degree of purity and surface condition,etc. through the control on flow regime. Because the function of the electromagnetic field can non-contact, distribute evenly, especially suitable for special occasions such as the high temperature,etc.. Production practices indicate, electromagnetic stirring is improving the cylindrical crystal, bridging, pin hole, increase the brilliant district of isometry, reduce the composition to segregate, it is very obvious to lighten or dispel the result of loosening and centre shrinkage cavity in the centre,etc. respect. So, under certain process conditions, choose to install the position of the Stirrer rationally, appropriate mixing intensity and stiring the way, control flow form and flow speed of the melt, have obvious function in improving the quality of continuous casting billet.

The continuous casting electromagnetic stirring apparatus can improve the internal organization structure of casting the base effectively, improve surface condition, reduce the centre to segregate and loosen in the centre, basically dispel shrinkage cavity and crackle in the centre, increase the brilliant rate of isometry greatly, because has already applied to various and had an area of the base conticaster extensively. The electromagnetic stirring apparatus of continuous casting is the electrical apparatus under severe environments such as high temperature, high humidity and high dust dreg,etc. of a kind of job. In order to reach essential electromagnetic thrust, will try hard to reduce the volume of the device again at the same time, often designed to work under the heavy current, low frequency state.

Application effect:
( 1) Under the existing process conditions, adopt the crystallizer electromagnetic stirring technology, there are obvious results on casting the base and chilling the tiny isometry crystal zone of layer.
( 2) The brilliant rate of central isometry increases obviously, because the cylindrical crystal district narrows, the middle crackle is basically dispelled.
( 3) The shrinkage cavity intensity of the centre is weakened.
( 4) Electromagnetic stirring helps to dispel the high harmful effects of the degree of superheat to a certain extent, similar to the casting of low degree of superheat.
( 5) Dispel the centre to segregate and loosen, reduce, so that stop to cast the residual shrinkage cavity of base core, improve the centre that casts the base to segregate.

Use: Automatic electric apparatus


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