The medical equipment PCB copies the board

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Multi-functional supersound guard the intersection of appearance and the intersection of chip and declassification, ultra initial consonant, kiss / foetus guard declassification, ultrasonic obstetrical department, IC of appearance, guard the intersection of appearance and PCB copy board, foetus guard circuit board of the appearance copy board synthetically
The intracavity of heart exceeds the tube changer chip declassification of the acoustic conductance, puncture the ultrasonic transducer circuit board and copy the board, inner ultrasonic transducer IC declassification of blood vessel, the electronic linear array changer PCB copies the board, meachanical scanning the intersection of changer and breadboard copy board, ring bursts of changer schematic diagram push away instead and protruding burst scan the intersection of changer and the intersection of sample and model, oesophageal the intersection of ultrasonic transducer and chip declassification.

Gather dragon's world and specialize in and copy the reverse technical research of board, has already succeeded in modelling samples with the lowest equipment cost for vast medical equipment enterprises now, analyse and explain the technological passwords of all kinds of electronic products of several tens of thousands of items of high, middle, every grade of low-end, not only has promoted PCB to copy the development of the board trade effectively, has made contribution for the economic benefits that vast medical equipment, apparatus enterprise obtained maximum with the lowest cost. The apparatus products involve copying the board with magnetic resonance image forming system circuit board of the permanent magnet type, conducting type magnetic resonance image forming system PCB copy board, superconduction type image forming system chip declassification of magnetic resonance, many class medical equipments such as heart electrodiagnosis appearance, centrifugal machine, electroencephalogram diagnostic facility, breathing function sensing equipment, roentgen rays, anus intestines appearance, stone crusher, ultrasonic apparatus.
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Type: Hard and soft to combine the breadboard

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