Turn into the diode (TVS) in wink

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U.S.A. PROTEK - transient voltage restraining device (TVS) : PSRDA05-4, PSOT03C, PSOT05LC, PSOT12C, PSOT05C SM20M05-18, SM16LC05C, SM8LC12, SLVU2.8, SLVU2.8-4, series such as SMDA15C, SMDA05LCC, SMBJ64A, SMBJ58A, SMBJ5.0A, SMBJ12CA, SMBJ5.0CA, P6KE200A, P6KE6.8A, SMBJ36A,etc.

U.S.A. PROTEK Company: TVS tube, the intersection of TSS and tube, the intersection of AC\DC and power pass under high pressure protecting module, single-phase or the intersection of three-phase and the intersection of circuit protection and module, all kinds of communication interface (RS232, RS485) Protect the module;

Taiwan is strong and luxuriant (PANJIT) /Kang Ke in Taiwan (CCD) Turn into the voltage suppressor / turn into the voltage restraint diode (TVS) in wink in wink Includes P6KE, series such as 1.5KE, SMBJ.

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