Fat reducing machine control device of butterfly's fund (TYDZ03-1-1A)

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The control device producer fat reducing machine control device sells the producer and offers the control device of a fat reducing machine of double-control directly, historical experience that the control device of body-building apparatus develops for many years of the company, can customize according to the request of manufacturer and exporter, hand in samples in 7 days. Can assist the application for patent of the manufacturer. Company's production ink is strict to check on. Each set of control devices undergoes Dielectric Strength test and 24-hour degradation testing. It is steady to ensure the quality of products! Welcome the incoming telegram to come to the factory to negotiate. And b has other massage apparatus control devices and humidifiers and bean sprouts building up body machine, humidifier,etc..

Type: TYDZ03-1-1A
Specification: 110-220vac
Output: 10000 sets per month
Trade mark: Far electron of it
Inflaming retarding characteristic: HB
Type: Rigid breadboard
Material: Glass fibre epoxy resin
Dielectric layer: FR-6
Nominal voltage: 110-220V
Power rating: 250W
Current limiter: 4A
Gear shifting: 20/30/50/99
Rotational speed: 800-2800r

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