Power transducer (GAP3-062)

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Contacts: Ms. Tang Tao Salesman
Telephone: 86-20-39931015
Fax: 86-20-39931802
Address: Lu Ban 6 layers of Buildings of large stone No. 105 of Chinese Guangdong Province Guangzhou Fanyu district

Input current quantum: A1: 0~1A; A2: 0~5A; A3: Users make by oneself ' Can't be greater than 10A)
Input voltage range: V1: 0~70V; V2: 0~120V; V3: 0~250V; V4: 0~400V; V5: 0~500V; V6: Users are self-defining.
Output the form: O1: 0~20mA; O2: 4~20mA; O3: 0~5V; O4: 1~5V; O5: 0~10V; O6: 4~12~20mA
O7: Users are self-defining.

Accessory power supply: P1: 12VDC; P2: 24VDC; P3: 48VDC; P4: 220VAC; P5: Justice of since users.
The integrated level is high, simple in construction and avoiding the fixed intended effect
Adopt and import the components and parts, highly reliable
Advanced circuit design, antijamming capability are strong
The output mode is simple, employs to be convenient
Installation and bolt of guide rail are installed

Technical indicator:
Accuracy class:


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