Iron-base piezoelectric ceramics buzz slice

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Address: Village of wild goose's field of garrison post of the sentry of phoenix of China Guangdong Province Dongguan

This department specializes in buzz slice of piezoelectric ceramics, beeper, have advanced piezoelectric ceramics cant component production line and strong technological team of our country, annual production capacity reaches 200 million multi-discs, the main specification variety is as follows, multi-type of series of products 100 such as general type, slim, ultrathin, peculiar buzz one, beeper, have the intersection of volume and little, the intersection of weight and light, the intersection of tone quality and the intersection of kind, low power consumption,etc. and characteristic, apply electronic clock and watch to extensively. , electronic toy, music card, communication apparatus( Telephone set, mobile phone,etc.) , household electrical appliance (air conditioner, washing machine, camera, stereo set, report controller, oven, home furnishing guard against theft, calculator,etc.) , alarm equipment ( Car, motorcycle, smog alarm,etc.) And various are sensory and in the autonomous system.


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