Electric capacity 47UF25V

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Aluminium electrolytic capacitor 47UF25V of tag
Nominal capacity: 47UF
Withstand voltage value: 25V
Volume size: 6.3*5.4mm
Tolerance deviation: 20%
Using temperature range: -40-105 Wide temperature, 105 , the life-span of 2000 hours
Lead wire type: There is no lead wire to stick to the lamellar
Appearance: Cylindrical
Brand: Let hugely
Type series: Series RVT
About the aluminium electrolytic capacitor of tag
The aluminium electrolytic capacitor of tag is one kind of the electrolytic capacitor of aluminium, present aluminium electrolytic capacitor is divided into 2 kinds, one kind is electrolytic capacitor of the card, a is the aluminium electrolytic capacitor of the tag. Its main difference lies in installing way and size. The traditional card electrolytic capacitor is bulky, need to go for installation manually, lead to the fact the products are bulky like this, produce the inefficiency. And the tag electrolytic capacitor is small, can install the chip mounter. Production efficiency high, artificial low cost, the intersection of products and miniaturization further. Used mainly in its goods in process in various circuit such as power filter, signal filtering, signal coupling, compensating, charging and discharging, stored energy, syntony, filtering, stopping direct current.
Daily specification type and size
1OOUF-16V-6.3*5.4 47UF-50V-6.3*7.7
1OUF-16V-4*5.4 1OOUF-1OV-5*5.4
22OUF-16V-6.3*7.7 1OUF-50V-5*5.4
47UF-16V-5*5.4 47OUF-6.3V-6.3*7.7
1OOUF-25V-6.3*7.7 22OUF-1OV-6.3*5.4
470UF-16V-8*10.2 4.7UF-5OV-4*5.4
1OOUF-35V-6.3*7.7 22OUF-5OV-1O*10.5
22OUF-25V-8*10.2 22OUF-6.3V-6.3*5.4
47UF-25V-6.3*5.4 1UF-5OV-4*5.4
100UF-50V-8*10.2 47OUF-25V-10*10.2
22UF-16V-4*5.4 2.2UF-5OV-4*5.4
According to product variety and technical feature, the surface mounted electrolytic capacitor will be higher towards the nominal voltage, the rated current is greater or smaller, have lighter internal resistances, the intersection of breaking and the intersection of ability and strong, renewable type, and multicircuit array, have intellectual function, multi-functional integrated component or module direction develop, to meet design and production demand of more newer terminal station products.
Look on the form of the manufacturing industry at present of China, leading to the fact staff costs increase sharply more deficiently of the human resources, it is artificial for card high cost, inefficiency,be lasted automation and scale development of factory seriously. In addition, people's requirements for electronic properties of product are higher and higher, the requirement for the volume is smaller and smaller, all sorts of factor promote electronic producer take place change, choose the intersection of tag and the intersection of aluminium and electrolytic capacitor come, replace the traditional electric capacity of card, succeed the trend.
Market prospect of the electrolytic capacitor of tag
Tag aluminium is electrolyzed - --Large market of the future trend of compliance
1,There are more than 1000 national factories producing aluminium electrolytic capacitor of the card, and because invest the cost and great of technological threshold, it is less than 10 altogether to produce the electrolytic producer of tag aluminium at home.
2,The electrolytic capacitor is the most frequently used electronic devices and components, the market demand is very large, and tag aluminium electrolyze market share, electrolyze share of market, less than 3% whole aluminium at present. The market potential is enormous.
3,In 2012, more than 85% card aluminium electrolyzed the producer and suffered the loss, more than 10% of the producers stop production or turn to the other products. And tag aluminium electrolyzes the market in a situation that the international great situation is not very good, already 5 annual mean has kept more than 50% growth rate, will break through the new peak definitely in the future continuously. It is estimated it will be the outbreak period that tag aluminium electrolyzes the market in 2013- 2018.
4,Miniaturization and thin type, add the constant soaring of the cost of artificial card more and more because of electronic product, no matter from the intersection of products and demand, or production cost and production efficiency come on, watch, the intersection of tag and electrolytic capacitor replace traditional the intersection of card and electrolytic capacitor totally finally.
5,Under the great environment of the constant staging of the Sino-Japanese conflict, in addition, constant improvement and price advantage of domestic product quality quality are obvious, it is that the products must enjoy popular confidence too on day that the tag aluminium electrolytic capacitor of the domestic brand is replaced.

Pack: Spool
Type: Series RVT
Specification: 4*5.4
Trade mark: China is modest
Design: Lead wire type
Structure: Fixed capacitor
The manner of packing: Surface mounted
Working voltage: 25V

TAG:Series RVT, China is modest

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