Specialized ceramic resistor (HVC) of sparking coil of the car

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HvC( 1) KHx adopts unique technology, HvC ceramic resistor produced, is mixed by clay, silicon dioxide, ceramic powder,etc.,
Burn the body of resistance of junction formation by the high temperature.
( 2) HvC is also called the ceramic damping resistance, adopts the inorganic material to make up, is able to bear the high pressure, low inductance, small.
( 3) Serve as damping resistance of lighting system of engine of automotive, have uniqueness of surmounting the resistance winding
Characteristic. 1) The application on the firing circuit of the car engine, the use with excellent elimination noise disturbance.
( 2) Deal with high pressure, surging, value power of peak or pulsing superior manifestation of high-energy.
( 3) It is not the turn structure, without hidden danger of circuit break, avoid winding the risk of excellent carbonization of the porcelain under the high temperature of line resistance too.
( 4) Correspond to European Union RoHs.
( 1) Lighting system of the car.
( 2) Surging current limiter.
( 3) High tension supply.
( 4) High voltage switch circuit breaker.
( 5) R-C buffer circuit.

Type: HVC
Trade mark: KHX


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