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Shenzhen is prosperous the sincere photoelectricity scientific and technological limited company is researched and developed by the speciality forever, produce, sell the manufacturer of the photo resistance, light sensor, light sensitive diode, phototransistor, infrared lamp in environment protecting mode, products approve by the one from all walks of life already, the intersection of bright, Philip,etc. and major company, department of Europe. Products quality are ensured, the price becomes more and more more reasonable even more, it is our idea all the time to serve the customer, win universal praise in the same trade too. Photo resistance in environment protecting mode, light sensitive diode,etc. is used mainly for exporting the small night light, optically-controlled toy, shadow are accused of on photo-control products such as the toy, photoswitch, Lawn lamp, underground lamp, currency count machine, controlling the camera,etc., the products of our company have ordinary CDS incomparable advantages: High temperature resistant, batch conformance is good, good stability, the quiescent current is little, have long performance life etc., we can be according to the request of customer more meticulous classification of a product at the same time. We can offer technology service in the customer's use for you at the same time. So long as you can put forward the acceptance that we will be modest of the suggestions for us.

The good products need moral standing well, cooperate sincerely, it is our final goal to realize win-win. Welcome to the guidance of our company and negotiate the business.

Pack: It is capsulated that epoxy
Type: PT850
Specification: 850
Trade mark: Prosperous and sincere forever
Polarity: Unipolarity
Capsulation and internal structure: Epoxy resin
Use: General device

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