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Products advantage
1,The die of Taiwan photoelectricity is one of the together vast shareholders, are devoted to COB light source for 8 years. The products are all high-quality chips of dies, the chip voltage is rigorously enforced according to 0.1V stepping, guarantee products voltage conformance, make product quality more steady, adopt the former factory unique COB of Taiwan to capsulate the way, become key competitiveness in the same trade.
2,Use glue and phosphor powder that Japan imports, only decline small, smaller than 1% in 2000 hours, the color is unanimous! The facula is even! There is no yellow ring! Can avoid the worry of the lamps and lanterns producer.
3,The products have exclusive right in the whole world, and some products have already passed LM-80 test, can export to to the whole world! You do not need to be anxious!
4,The vast photoelectric lighting laboratory obtain UL to authorize together, the innovative technology combines the jointless service, offer manufacturer's better competitive edge of the lamps and lanterns.
5,The vast photoelectric products obtain first zhaga certificate of Asian-Pacific area that UL issued together.
Vast together photoelectric the first of the Asian-Pacific area obtained Zhaga product certification
The vast photoelectricity is renowned for producing COBLED together, it is a heavy-duty LED lighting leading brand. Zhaga products that this enterprise researches and develops newly obtain UL laboratory to authorize passing at the end of June, become the Asian-Pacific area LED first Zhaga product get the kernel in the the intersection of lighting and brand but certificate.
Key development product one that Zhaga products are together vast is vast together believe Zhaga light engine is LED lighting industry future trend, not only join the active member who Zhaga alliance organized as first in Taiwan in 2010, and participate in the stipulating of relevant norm. During the end of June this year, it there is be products already last the Asian-Pacific area and if you can't get by UL laboratory, last kernel for the first but, this accomplishes representative's together vast and professional and outstanding research and development technical capacity, is approved by world again, highlight the vast leading position in LED lighting trade together.
It is together vast management aims, regard this as " environmental protection that the green is lighted, energy-conserving " to requirement and insistance on products quality too. Establish since the 8 year, together vast to research and develop, do one's utmost always in the intersection of LED and the intersection of lighting and new product, Zhaga authentication of product pass, prove the vast photoelectricity pays attention to the results of quality, innovation in the field of lighting LED together. Set about, plan on the intersection of Zhaga and relevant batch productino of product actively at present, book Q4 to begin to offer samples this year, and choose the opportune moment to carry on batch productino.

Shiny principle: Blue light and white light
Shiny color: Warm white
Luminous intensity: Standard form
Structure: The silica gel is capsulated
Appearance: Round
Material: Compound semiconductor
Employ the circuit: Direct current is driven
The grain side characteristic happens in the luminotron: A luminotron
Employ: Electrical home appliances


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