Note-book battery fender (LT-N301)

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1.Introduce Introduction
LT-N301 is the open majestic company of the strength, specially to cooperating with 2- 4 bunches of traditional note-book, mini note-book, or other demand SMBUS, accurate electric quantity measure the function battery and wrap up the intellectual electric quantity designed and manage the scheme; Suitable for the lithium electric core of different chemical property, the electric quantity of chemical cells such as for instance routine 18650 type lithium ion, square or bastard lithium polymer, ferric lithium phosphate,etc. is measured and managed.
This intellectual electric quantity manages the board, support the intellectual battery data (SBData) Order and charging control function, use bus line SMBus interface and other apparatuses of system management (such as EPC, NB) Exchange and count disturbing. The useful data include: Surplus capacity, temperature, voltage, electric current and estimating the online time of surplus of the battery.
We have also specially developed the application software of the correspondent upper computer. Pass USB adapter and parameter of configurated factory of upper computer software, such as Up, electric current, design capacity, EDV, manufacturer's information, etc., the flexibility is very strong.
This scheme can support traditional canonial Notebook and bastard Notebook, is very suitable for the application of Epc and other intelligent terminals.

2.Characteristic Features
The single chip is highly integrated, low cost, ripe application
Can be supported from 2 bunches to 4 bunches
Multiple and high-reliability to protect the function
High-accuracy electric quantity measurement ( The charging/discharging current adopts 16bitADC measures)
Communication port of canonial SMBUS
Presume the parameter is flexible
Charge the balanced function dynamically
The software of upper computer can be changed according to customer's demand
Many kinds of work patterns can be flexible to control the consumption of the quiescent current
Transportation standby mode
Support the electric core of different size, the column or square
Compensate for surplus capacity according to temperature and self-discharge rate.

Type: LT-N301


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