Network-type humiture transducer (FS100-HT10-D04)

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FS100-HT10-D04 digitized Temperature Humidity Sensor operation instructions
First, function characteristic

1,Digitization, the definition is up to 14 bits;
2,Internal self-alignment;
3,Humiture compact use for the measurement of dew point while being convenient;
4,High reliability and long term stability;
5,RS485 interface is easy to integrate;
6,ModBus agreement
7,The software sets up the address
8,It is suitable for on-the-spot application and products to integrate that product structure is exquisite;

Second, main technical parameter

1.Working voltage: (8-30V 0.5) V 2. Working current: Less than or equal to 15ma 3. Measurement limit: Temperature: -20 - 70
4.Humidity: 0- 100% RH 5. Survey accuracy: Temperature: 0.5 25 6. 2 ( Gamut)
7.Humidity: 5% RH (gamut)
Working environmental condition: -20 - 70 , 0- 100% RH
Store the environmental condition: -20 - 125 , 0- 100% RH
Interface: RS-485 agreement: ModBus baud rate: 9600
Address range: 1- 255 (software is set up)
Transmission distance: 1200m
The bus line can be hung the apparatus quantity: 32
Outer cover: The engineering plastics of inflaming retarding, the grade UL94- V0 of inflaming retarding
Cable: 4* 0.12 mm2 shielded cable, length 2 m

Fourth, terminal definition

Vcc: Power; 485 : RS485 data being received and dispatched; 485- : RS485 data received and dispatched and shouldered; GND: Ground; Shield: Shielded wire
Terminal of Fig. 3 is defined
Fifth, install and dismantle the method

1,Fix substructure installation onto wall with the tapping screw;
2,Aim touching the locking salient point at the sense organ at the guide slot at the base, install the sensor finally on the Tower.
3,Clockwise rotary transducer, make lock the salient point card to lock the sensor to the locking slot;
4,Dismantle, ahead of the intersection of anti-clockwise and rotary transducer, make, lock the intersection of salient point and backout from locking slot to guide slot, then take out the sensor;

The sensor does not require the installation direction, all right level, vertical or slopes and installs.
Sixth, attentive matters
The air relative humidity is a function of the temperature, the air temperature has maximal influence on relative humidity, many kinds of compounds such as acid, alkali, salt have great influence on physical property of the vapor, should pay attention to the following items while using:

1,The Temperature Humidity Sensor should be installed at the temperature relatively stably, can represent the places of ambient temperature and humidity examined most.
2,Avoid installing and changing the place at the temperature vigorously
3,Avoid installing it at the place where the air flows fiercely
4,Avoid installing on the air stagnant blind angle
5,Avoid using in having salt fog environments
6,Avoid using in the gas atmosphere of corrosivity

Seventh, hazardous and noxious substances or element statement
This product included the hazardous and noxious substances, the service life in environment protecting mode is 10 years, the hazardous and noxious substances content saw the following form
Content of hazardous and noxious substances of this product of Table 1
Part name hazardous and noxious substances or element
Cadmium hexabasic chromium much bromide biphenyl much bromide diphenyl ether of plumbous mercury
Comments: 1, *Meaning of sum
: Show the content in all homogeneous materials of this part of this hazardous and noxious substances is required in SJ/ T-11363- 2006 specified limit followingly.
*: The content in a certain homogeneous material of this part goes beyond SJ/ T11363- 2006 specified limit to require to represent this hazardous and noxious substances at least.
2,Industry's electronic messaging has

Type: FS100-HT10-D04
Specification: .


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