Specialized environment protection type light sensitive resistor of the sonic-opticalcon trolled switch

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Output the form: Photosensor type line thickness: Consult company's websites (mm) Output wavelength: 520( nm)
Transmission signal: Wide tape type passway: Single-channel working substance: Semiconductor
Mere route: The seeing through wave band range of reflector path: Visible light kind: Amplifier
Process and customize: It is a type: LXD/GB5-A1 series brand: Dragon's Xinda
Encourage the way: Only pump type speed: Operate in the way at a high speed: Continuous
About products
According to one pair of orders (ROHs) of European Union : Areas such as America and Europe,etc. forbade the products with environmental contamination elements such as cadmium,etc. to enter the American-European market on July 1, 2006. Our company takes the lead in developing and producing and replacing cadmium sulfide (CDS) Products of the photo resistance - light sensor 3, it has a characteristic of photo resistance in 5, every index reaches the advanced stage of the international like product. Our company follows" the quality first, the customer is the highest " Principle,products of fine quality and in large quantity,there are complete in specifications on variety,high sensitivity of reacting, good stability, apply to the currency count machine, the camera, industrial photoelectric control extensively, video camera, the light controls in the indoor, optically-controlled music IC, electronic toy. Welcome to send a telegram to condescending to inquire!
Light sensor - Item Model:
Light sensor - size of the products (mm) : 3MM; 5MM;
Light sensor - typical application: Unless by back light, display unit such as LCD,it last RoHS order CDS light sensitive resistor TV, PDA, camera and cellular telephone,etc. /unleaded /cadmium-free
Light sensor - characteristic: Vary with illuminance built-in filter of linear output, its spectral response characteristic is similar to the human eye, low working illumination intensity. N-type Si / capsulation: The whole envelopment of epoxy resin.

Type: LXD/GB5-A1
Specification: Diameter: 5mm
Trade mark: Dragon's Xinda
Diameter: 5mm

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