Fuel level gauge ( YL-606)

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YL-606 fuel level gauge ( Transducer) Operating principle
The sensory part of YL-606 serial capacitive fuel level gauges is a coaxial container, cause the change of capacity between shell of the sensor and reaction electrode after the oil enters the container, this variable quantity and carries on rigorous linearity and temperature compensation through the conversion of the circuit, output 4-20mA standard signal and supply the display instrument.

Fuel level gauge ( Transducer) Performance index
Detection range: 0.05-5m
Precision: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5 Grade
Bearing range: -0.1MPa-32MPa
It is extremely refractory to visit: -50-250
Outcoming signal: 4-20mA, 4-20mA superpose HART communication, 485 news reports, CAN bus line news reports
Service voltage: 12-28VDC (intrinsically safety type needs to be supplied power by the guard grating)
Fixed way: The whorl installs M20 * 1.5, M27 * 2, M18 * 1.5, M16 * 1

Fran installs DN25, DN40, DN50. The special specification can be customized on request
Visit the diameter very much: 12, 16, 25
Unexplosive grade: Originally fit Exia C T6 and separate and explode Exd C T5
Protection grade: IP65
Intrinsically safe parameter: Ui: 28VDC, Ii: 93mA, Pi: 0.65W, Ci: 0.042uf, Li: 0mH

Fuel level gauge ( Transducer) Applicable occasion
1. is YL-606A2 little skillful for fuel level gauge (transducer) Technical grade, suitable for 5MPA, the temperature is in the measurement of not high oil of degree of viscosity of under 200 , can add the communication of different agreements.
2. is YL-606C1 specialized for fuel level gauge (transducer) in car Suitable for the normal atmospheric temperature and often depress the measurement of different fuel oil, it is adjustable to output the damping time 30-180s, but the communication of the strip 485.
3 YL-606A2 normal form fuel level gauge (transducer) Technical grade, suitable for 5MPA, the measurement of the temperature in under 200 more viscous oil, can add various agreement communication.
4. is YL-606A4 high-temperature for high pressure fuel level gauge (transducer) Technical grade, suitable for 32MPA, the temperature can add various agreement communication in the measurement of different oil of under 250 .
5 YL-606C1 general fuel level gauge (transducer) Suitable for the measurement that the normal atmospheric temperature often depresses various fuel oil, hydraulic oil, but the communication of the strip 485.


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