High-capacity tag ceramic capacitor

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High-pressure electric capacity of tag, electric capacity of tag, the electric capacity of high-pressure tag is used particularly in the computer, communication products, networking products, vehicular equipment, car electron, security product, intellectual products, power products, medical instrument, lamps and lanterns, worker accuse of the apparatus, toy etc., can offer technical support,

The specification of ceramic electric capacity of tag includes 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 1812, 2211, 2220, 2225, 3035, voltage range 50V- 6KV, range of capacity 0.1pf- 220uf.

The specification is mainly as follows,

1206 stock stock of electric capacity of high-pressure tag: 1206-681K-1KV 1206-102K-1KV 1206-102K-2KV 1206-222K-1KV 1206-222K-2KV 1206-332K-1KV 1206-472K-1KV 1206-562K-1KV 1206-103K-1KV 1206-473K-630V 1206-104K-250V 1206-103K-500V 1206-332K-500V 1206-101J-1KV 1206-101J-1KV 1206-101J-2KV 1206-221J-1KV 1206-221K-1KV 1206-221J-2KV 1206-221K-2KV 1206-331K-1KV 1206-471K-1KV 1206-561K-1KV

1210 stock stock of electric capacity of high-pressure tag: 1210-102K-3KV 1210-104K-500V 1210-222K-2KV 1210-332K-2KV 1210-472K-2KV 1210-103K-2KV 1210-105K-100V 1210-225K-100V

1808 stock stock of electric capacity of high-pressure tag: 1808-10PF-3KV 1808-15PF-3KV 1808-33PF-3KV 1808-101J-3KV 1808-221J-3KV 1808-471J-3KV 1808-102K-5KV 1808-332K-3KV 1808-472K-3KV 1808-102K-2KV

The electric capacity of high-pressure tag is 1812 stock stock 1812-102K-5K 1812-103K-2KV 1812-223K-1KV 1812-333K-1KV 1812-473K-1KV 1812-563K-1KV 1812-104K-500V 1812-104K-630V 1812-224K-500V 1812-334K-250V 1812-474K-250V 1812-564K-250V 1812-684K-250V 1812-105K-250V 1812-225K-100V

2220/2225 of the stock stock of electric capacity of high-pressure tag: 2220-102K-6KV 2220-103K-3KV 2220-104K-1KV 2220-104K-1.5KV 2220-224K-500V 2220-334K-500V 2220-474K-2500V 2220-474K-500V 2220-564K-250V 2220-684K-250V 2225-224K-500V 2225-474K-250V 2225-474K-500V 2225-564K-250V 2225-684K-250V

The material of electric capacity of the above high-pressure tag is COG, X7R, high temperature resistant 125 degrees. Can be too tailor-made to scantle.

1206 stock stock of electric capacity of tag: 1206-105K-50V 1206-105K-100V 1206-225K-25V 1206-225K-50V 1206-475K-16V 1206-106K-16V 1206-106K-25V 1206-226K-10V 1206-476M-6.3V

2220 stock stock of electric capacity of tag: 2220-475K-100V 2220-106K-50V 2220-226M-25V 2220-476M-16V 2220-107M-16V

The company has a large number of stock, material of inquiry by telephone please come in various specifications

The high pressure ceramic electric capacity: The high withstand voltage of the high capacity, extra-high withstand voltage, special capacity, non-standard thickness, high precision, special size,etc..

The intersection of quantity and stock of preparing the goods, delivery date 1- 3 day, and can according to the request of customer fast to that the standardized product is go on and designed, OEM, ODM, for (3-4 week) development cycle .

Type: High-frequency ceramic dielectric capacitor
Use the voltage: High pressure
Temperature coefficient: Positive temperature coefficient
Dielectric constant: High dielectric constant


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