56305730 of the tag LED lamp bulbs

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Count the light Rhizoma panacis majoris
The name of product: 5630/5730 of the tag LED lamps
Size: 5.6/5.7MM*3.0MM*0.95MM
Shiny color: Dim and white in vain
Electric current: 150MA
Power: 0.5W
Luminous flux: 40-60LM
Colour temperature: 2700-6500K
Voltage: 2.8-3.6V
The characteristic of the products:
1,Shiny and high in efficiency, the spectrum is narrow, monochromaticity is good
2,The colour rendering is high, reveal lifelike color, the reducing power of color is excellent
3,Green environment protective. Hazardous and noxious substanceses such as lead-free, mercury,etc.
4,Obtain the national scientific technological achievement authority to appraise
5,Accurate constant current, the life-span is up to 50000 hours, it is low to decay
6,Adopt and import the chip; Characteristic: High light, low decay is of small energy consumption, longe-lived. The ability to resist static is strong. The products use the silica gel to capsulate, accord with the unleaded process products requirement of environmental protection.
7,The luminance is high, the conformance of light color is good;
8,Adopt Japan to import the high-quality silica gel glue to capsulate, it is low to only decline, longe-lived;
Apply to LED modulator tube, LED ball hubble-hubble lamp, LED panel lamp, LED Ceiling light, LED street lamp, LED car light, mine lamp extensively, the stage lamp is lighted, the flash-light, lighting device and outdoor bill-boards, electronic display screens such as lamp decoration, the shot-light,etc., traffic signal, index tag, car tail lamp,it is LED shiny die set,LCD be lighted backlight source, LED lamp decoration, LED soft / hard light stripe,etc., replace good selecting of traditional lighting source

Shiny principle: High light
Shiny color: Bai Guang
Luminous intensity: Standard form
Structure: The silica gel is capsulated
Appearance: Rectangle
Material: GaAs
Employ the circuit: The power is driven
The luminotron has shiny color: Colourless and transparent
The grain side characteristic happens in the luminotron: A luminotron
Employ: Lighting device


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