Draw-bar KTC-350MM electron chi

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KTC draw-bar straight line displacement pick-off

The displacement pick-off is commonly called as electron chi, it is the measurement of absolute displacement, KTC draw-bar displacement pick-off is a common draw bar and conductive plastic film electron one chi of series, the seat suitable for all kinds of apparatuses is measured, such as the moulding plastics machine, the die casting machine, the rubber machine, the hollow bottle blowing machine of the shoes machine, woodworking machinery, hydraulic machine,etc., effective journey 75mm- 1250mm, both ends have 4mm to buffer the journey, 0.05% - 0.04% of the FS. outer cover surface anodization in precision, anticorrosion; Built-in conductive plastics measuring unit, there is no temp drift, longe-lived; Electron time of what is automatic electricity earthed the function. The sealed grade is IP67, DIN430650 standard plug and socket-outlet, can be applicable in most common occasions; The ball head of the draw bar has 0.5mm automatic centering functions, allows terminal movement velocity to be 10m/s.

Detailed parameter of KTC draw-bar displacement pick-off

1,Effective journey specification (mm) : 75,100,110,125,150,175,200,225,250,275,300,325,350,375,400,425,450,475,500,550,600,650,700,750,800,850,900,950,1000,1150,1250;

2,Mechanical journey (mm) : 7mm (every end buffers 3.5mm)

3,Resistance (K


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