VRT-2T vibration and temperature transmitter

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Explain in detail:
VRT-2( T) Type vibration velocity ( And temperature) The transducer one kind integrates, independence two wiring systems, probe type transducers small-scaly. Two-way 4 of it- 20mA outcoming signal separately and testee vibration velocity rms value ( Earthquake intensity) Directly proportional to with the temperature variation of the measuring point.
This transducer is installed simply and conveniently, cheap, suitable for to large and medium-sized rotatory machinery and the intersection of sport and apparatus (such as air blower, water pump, reducer, pedestal, the intersection of rolling friction and body,etc.) all kinds of very ,Shake Wen Sheng's safe on line measurement of safe sum.
Transducer this but and new the intersection of strength and products XD-2 shake monitor to be directly matched, can also convenient and DCS, PLC computer observe and control head-to-tailly.
Main function and technical parameter

Vibration measurement characteristic: The quantum range of vibration measurement: 0- 20mm/s is (available) ,The frequency domain of vibration measurement: 10- 1000HZ, impact-resistance for vibration measurement: Vibration measurement of 5 times combined error of quantum upgrade: 5%
Thermometry characteristic: (thermometry is that users can select to order, add T after the type, it is a VRT-2T type)
The quantum range of thermometry: 0- 150 , the combined error of thermometry: 2%
Output characteristic: Make DC/4- 20mA in Line two
Environmental characteristic: Ambient temperature range: -20- 80 , ambient humidity range: 0- 100%
The characteristic of supplying power: The working current of maximum: 30mA (set up opposing connection protection and working light of the voltage direction to point out inside)
The working voltage of idler: 15V/DC, maximum operating voltage: 40V/DC, recommends working voltage: 24V/DC
Load characteristic: The resistance-value range of load: 0- 1250, the load resistance of maximum is calculated (including the internal resistance of transmission line) : Rmax =( V- 15) /0.02 (V is the service voltage among them)
Electrically connected: VRT-2 exports and draws the cable as a piece of four core, the typical interstar connection sees the specification.
Appearance and fitting structure: Appearance 50mm * 88mm, the length of feeler lever of the temperature, diameter are customizable, quality about 0.5kg; The installation specification of the external thread: M27 * 2 (or customize) ; There is not temperature that select and have an female screw thread installing hole besides, specification M10, 10 deep mm. appearance structure of hole see the specification.

The mode of motion: Displacement of angle


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