Resistance 1812

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1812 hot-sale products, the original packaging ring of resistance 1/2W 1W complete introduction goods of all serial tag power protects 4000 films and a J 5% of 4.5mm *3.2mm

1812-0R 1812-1R 1812-1.2R 1812-1.3R 1812-1.5R 1812-1.6R 1812-1.8R 1812-2R 1812-2.2R 1812-2.4R 1812-2.7R 1812-3R 1812-3.3R 1812-3.6R 1812-3.9R 1812-4.3R 1812-4.7R 1812-5.1R 1812-5.6R 1812-6.2R 1812-6.8R 1812-7.5R 1812-8.2R 1812-9.1R 1812-10R 1812-11R 1812-12R 1812-13R 1812-13R 1812-15R 1812-16R 1812-18R 1812-20R 1812-22R 1812-22R 1812-24R 1812-27R 1812-30R 1812-33R 1812-36R 1812-39R 1812-43R 1812-47R 1812-51R 1812-56R 1812-62R 1812-68R 1812-75R 1812-82R 1812-91R 1812-100R 1812-110R 1812-120R 1812-130R 1812-150R 1812-160R 1812-180R 1812-200R 1812-220R 1812-240R 1812-270R 1812-300R 1812-330R 1812-360R 1812-390R 1812-430R 1812-470R 1812-510R 1812-560R 1812-620R 1812-680R 1812-750R 1812-820R 1812-910R 1812-1K 1812-1.1K 1812-1.2K 1812-1.3K 1812-1.5K 1812-1.6K 1812-1.8K 1812-2K 1812-2.2K 1812-2.4K 1812-2.7K 1812-3K 1812-3.3K 1812-3.6K 1812-3.9K 1812-4.3K 1812-4.7K 1812-5.1K 1812-5.6K 1812-6.2K 1812-6.8K 1812-7.5K 1812-8.2K 1812-9.1K 1812-10K 1812-11K 1812-12K 1812-13K 1812-15K 1812-16K 1812-18K 1812-20K 1812-22K 1812-22K 1812-24K 1812-27K 1812-30K 1812-33K 1812-36K 1812-39K 1812-43K 1812-47K 1812-51K 1812-56K 1812-62K 1812-68K 1812-75K 1812-82K 1812-91K 1812-100K 1812-1M 1812-3M

The stock always on the alert, the price excellent in quality is more excellent, manage the resistance of high-accuracy resistance alloy of the resistance of low value of resistance of the large power resistor mainly and sample the resistance of induction by current of one milliohm of resistance of the resistance,
Many kinds of volume: 2512 2010 1812 1218 1225 1210 1206 0805 0603 0402.
The intersection of resistance and experience for ten year, we professional we attentively, serve for offering the better one kind quality wholeheartedly, welcome the incoming telegram to purchase by inquiry.

Type: Serial thick layer stick to the sheet resistor conventionally
Production technology: Thick layer
Resistance-value characteristic: Constant resistance
Use: Communication apparatus
1812 is capsulated: 4.5mm*3.2mm


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