Draw the linear movement pickup (series BL20)

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BL20 series draw the linear movement pickup ' Make a plate definitely)
Drag rope displacement pick-off /last linear movement pickup not to be by photoelectric collecting part (incremental encoder, absolute value Coder, angular-displacement sensor, resistances accurate,etc.) And a series of mechanical outer cover devices make up. The outer cover uses the aluminium alloy material, the oxidation treatment of outer surface, hard and wear-resisting; Very pressure-proof, it resist shock,it meet high temperature, high pressure,etc. various using by occasioning abominable; The winding, in order to import the stainless steel wire rope original packagingly, the skin of this wire rope scribbles and moulds, corrosion resistance is strong, the intensity is large, stretch out and draw back; The turn spring mechanism adopts and imports the stainless steel material to produce, anti-corrosion, accept the line stabilization. Make it become one section compact installing the intersection of space and size to be little measuring the intersection of journey and long convenient flexible with high-accuracy measuring engineering, accusing of preferred displacement pick-offing.

This is a miniature guy wire ' Rope) Displacement pick-off, linear distance, analog quantity and digital quantity used for recording and measuring the length 0-400mm are exported, standardized interface, can with especially suitable for the short distance, the occasion of the high-resolution. Leading particulars: Installation is convenient, install the datum level, many kinds of choices depending upon need for subsequent use; It is small to install the space, install the low difficulty; Not needing the direction, the mechanical public errand does not influence survey accuracy; Apply to the system of guide rail of the straight line, hydraulic cylinder system, flexible system extensively, the position of storage positions, pressure machinery, papermaking machinery, fabrics machine, metal planking machinery, relevant size such as package packing machine, printing machine, horizontal controller, the construction implement measure and position control; Can connect PLC two-shot instrument, acquisition systems such as the one-chip computer,etc..

Type: Series BL20

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