Pressure capsule of super-low-voltage (series DUXL)

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SURSENSETM series super-low-voltage pressure capsule, adopting one kind can reduce the patented technology which outputs biasing or common mode error.
This kind of sensor has used a kind of special silicon response element, this kind of component to have special pressure that concentrate reinforcing structures, have offered the high stable linear output proportional to stress. In this way, compared with traditional pressure capsule, by temperature, long time stability and position sensitive output biased error that causes, can be by dispelling prominently. Series DUXL, the without DUXL series pressure capsule of temperature compensation has offered the linear fine long hair to admit defeat to appear, capsulate small-scaly. The sensor is suitable for the customer already making outside to recuperate the application of the circuit.

Recommend the type: DUXL01D, DUXL05D, DUXL10D
Quantum: 1 inch, 5 inches, 10 inches
Type: Differential pressure, differential pressure, difference

Type: Series DUXL


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