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The intelligence of third generation charges ic
1.Intellectual ic describes:
Chip this most prevailing most advanced automatic recognition charging wire at present ' Also claim intelligence serves as the line directly) . The charging wire of automatic recognition is easy to operate, neither need pins, nor need regulating, the automatic recognition of the IC wafer, use simultaneously, it is consumers' first-selection. The pin omnipotent line serves as instead of inserting, the omnipotent line of regulating type is filled.
No matter your mobile phone is any brand, so long as your charging socket is the same, all all right auto scanning are charged. Needn't consider, it charges circuits to be correct, intellectual ic can help you to regulate and look for and charge the circuit best automatically.

Products bright spot:
( 1) The interface uses simultaneously equally
( 2) The automatic recognition of auto scanning is regulated for several seconds and finished automatically
( 3) The charging wire is too easy to operate to need pins (replace and insert the pin omnipotent line to fill, the omnipotent line of regulating type is filled)

Application area:
( 1) Support the brand mobile phone charger of the domestic and foreign mainstream
Nokia three the intersection of Motorola and the intersection of apple and the intersection of Sony and Lenovo, HTC of star, King, LG oppo of language, stand China for resurgence Dell on high day step by step. . . . . . . . .
( 2) Support to use USB charged digital camera charger
( 3) Support to use various digital products chargers such as the digital picture frame e-book of pen stereo of usb charged MP3 MP4 MP5 game machine recording.
Intelligence charges ic, our company is so apt to fill science and technology to research and develop independently, it is the first of the whole country that has production and seller that intelligence of auto scanning charges ic too. If you want to have production or seller that intelligence charges ic as the 2nd.

Pack: New
Type: Mini 10pin
Specification: 10pin
Output: 100000
Trade mark: It is so apt to fill
Kind: Vacuum

TAG:Mini 10pin, it is so apt to fill

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