Intellectual sound system ( 02)

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The statistics show, though the application of the intellectual home furnishing has already begun to popularize. The home theater is one among them. But remain in everybody's eyes " The system is complicated, costs an arm and a leg, impractical " Impression. In fact it is easy that the system of the home theater operates, similar to report controller of our TV.

As to the projection curtain, still differentiate and choose according to two main contents at present, first, structure and craft, it is in this external form,it can say good-bye, move, electronically, several kinds of structureses such as drawing, safe area,etc., in this respect, users can choose according to environment for use and habit; But the craft has planeness, machining accuracy, smooth degree,etc. that taking-in and putting out is operated of the curtain, readers can discern too, it has certain influence too that they display the picture through observing, trying out. Second, the optical characteristic of the curtain material, including the gain to noise temperature ratio, reflecting the way, visual angle, spectral characteristic,etc., the user is more difficult to judge and differentiate, and it influences the picture and behaves the most directly, including the contrast degree, luminance, color and detail are reduced etc.. Make question more complicated different the intersection of measurement and means of producer one, standard differ, data that announce can only for Israel's reference, but also these simple data either can't reflect true characteristic of screen all sidedly.


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