Proportion valve

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Contacts: Ms. Wang XiaoRong Director
Telephone: 86-0595-22635162
Mobile Phone: 18965615162
Address: Lip river of Quanzhou city the intersection of river and the intersection of district and Wan fit the intersection of apricot and the intersection of residence and the intersection of Residential Area and garages 1 of Building 2

Sell the hydraulic mechanical equipment in speciality of this department, the products have electrolyte proportion valve, proportion electromagnetic valve, pressure transmitter, proportion valve that enlarge board, hydraulic valve and hydraulic original device.
Proportion valve products:
Direct type the intersection of electrolyte and the intersection of proportion and Type / flowrate reply Shut the electromagnetic pressure / direct action flooding valve EDG-01-H of the electrolyte proportion of governing valve of the flowrate of proportion expression of the pressure of hydraulic electromagnetic proportion expression of the valve / flow control valve, EDG-01-C EDG-01-B.EDG-01-H-T, EDG-01-C-T, guide flooding valve EBG-03-C EBG-03-H EBG-03-C-T EBG-03-H-T EBG-06-C EBG-06-H EBG-06-H-T EB of EDG-01-B-T electrolyte proportion Pressure of proportion expression of G-06-C-T EBG-10-C EBG-10-H EBG-10-C-T EBG-10-H - oil pressure electrolyte / compound valve EFBG-03-125 EFBG-06-250 of the flowrate EFBG-06-350 EFBG-10-500 EFBG-03-125-C EFBG-03-125-H EFBG-03-125A-C EFBG-03-125A-H EFBG-03-160-C EFBG-03-160-H EFBG-03-60-C EFBG-03-60-H EFBG-06-300-C EFBG-06-300-H EFBG-06-250-C EFBG-06-250-H EFBG-06-350-C EFBG-06-350-H EFBG-10-500-C EFBG-10-500-H order accuses of pigeonholing overflow valve BGT-03-C BGT-03-H BGR-06-C BGR-06-H BGR-09-C BGR-09-H BGRL-06-250-C/HBGRL-06-300- C/H BGRL-06-350-C/H BGRL-09-400-C/H BGRL-09-450-C/H BGRL-09-500-C/H


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